Incoming International Students

Navigating a long journey can be complicated for even the most seasoned of travelers. Adding the emotional impact of leaving home for the first time or, in many cases, the distinction of traveling as the child of a high profile individual has the potential to create a more challenging journey.

The Sendekem IV Education Travel Protection Program™ (TPP) works side-by-side with all aspects of transportation affecting the departure and arrival of international students. By incorporating a scalable approach to the retrieval and delivery of each student, highly skilled and vetted Sendekem agents ensure proper protocol is maintained from the moment students leave their home through to their final destination.

This methodology utilizes multi-layered, secure transport options in conjunction with the best practices from all levels of safety and executive protection professionals.

Overseas Education Travel

International travel programs have become a staple in the world of exceptional education. It is not uncommon for schools to field dozens of excursions requiring international travel, often into areas of the world with significant historical value.

Unfortunately, these same vitally important areas may propagate an environment of conflict within competing local factions. Additionally, with the rise in intentional acts of violence taking place around the globe, the unexpected can happen at any given time.

The Sendekem IV Education Travel Protection Program™ (TPP) creates an integrative protective solution for these excursions. Working in conjunction with educational institutions, travel tour companies, as well as ground and air transportation services, the Sendekem TPP offers a comprehensive package covering the safety and security of students, chaperones, and instructors.



Locally Global

“Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.”
― Gen. George S. Patton


Sendekem IV Education™ Travel Protection Program Services includes




Specialized Programs

Tailored solutions, scalable to the unique needs of each student and family.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Investigations
 • Pre-Travel Risk Matrix

Added Services

Access to the Sendekem suite of Executive Protection Services

  •  Sendekem Executive Security  Assessment (SESA) – A Comprehensive Threat Analysis / Business, Residence, School, and Travel Evaluation / Assessment and Development of Key-Person’s Security Profile
  • Global Travel Security – Local Agents Worldwide / Advance Site Assessment / Liaison and Translation Services

Beyond Expectations

Sendekem Travel Protection agents possess the specialized skills required to excel in high stress environments, as well as, the professionalism and tact necessary to operate with the discretion demanded by today’s elite schools.